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30.04.2010 Expansion Artworks II, Summary News IV

Download - Patches with Multiplayer (beta) and Hotseat, Map Editor(beta)!

Interviews - with D3 producer and PR manager
Reviews etc...


Expansion Artworks II



Summary News IV

  • Downloads

    • new patch 1.06.3 beta with Multiplayer - Download, Discussion
    • D3 patch1.05 hf11 with Hot-seat and Editor compatibility - Download
    • D3 mods - Forum, D3 mods II - Forum
    • Map Editor Beta 3 - Download (need patch 1.05 hf 11 and licenced original game!)
    • fan maps - link
  • Interviews

    • interview with PR manager .dat - D3 Expansion will be release in november 2010 (more info in may)
    • interview with D3 producer - new autor of music in addon will be Daniel Sadovski
    • Devs Answers - in D3 will be a new hotkeys, maybe will be some changes in global magic (but none manual city upgrades), max. map size in editor will be 92x92 hexagons
  • Reviews

    • D3 Review in Game Page CZ (5/10)


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