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12.11.2010 D3:RoM - 2. Trailer, Artworks VI, Screens IV

Disciples III: Resurrection officialy annouced

Disciples III: Resurrection officialy annouced

In expansion will be

  • 2 new heroes
  • 4 new leaders
  • more 50 new units.

Release date is 03.12.2010. In Collector Edition will be Skeleton figurine.

1. Amina (undead hero), 2. Thug (leader), 3. unit, 4. collector figurine

The first subscribers will get the game 01.12.2010 with 3 additional maps, artbook and special prize.

2. Trailer

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1. undead territory guardian, 2. Bone Dragon, 3. paralyze, 4. undead unit

Artworks VI

Salaar (undead hero) sets



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