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12.12.2010 Summary News VII

.dat is death, D3:RoM - impressions, mods and sounds, UH blazon ...


Disciples III: Resurrection - First Impressions


  • files stats in loading menu
  • undead atmosphere (graphic, music+sounds)
  • new skills and abilities
  • improved balance and AI
  • bugs reduction
  • initiative in battles
  • secondary quests


  • not multiplayer (only hot-seat)
  • not diplomacy
  • old stupid hotkeys
  • absence of Wait button (included from patch 1.3)
  • very long loadings
  • only 3 singleplayer maps
  • no water battles on the ships
  • neutral units
  • all single- and hotseat-maps without undead hordes
  • very big arenas
  • very big global maps
  • no city manual upgrades (only automatic)
  • absence of old thief skills (thefts in the markets etc.)
  • weak mages and shooters


Summary News VII

  • .dat team was canceled. But the work on Disciples 3 is continuing: In the new team there are some devs and dat. from the old one. At this time they are working on the multiplayer and preparing the 2. expansion with Dwarwes! Akella hopes that changes in the internal organization will have positive impuls on the further development of the Disciples series.
  • D3:RoM - Thief grid mod (7kb )- move thief skills to begin of skilltree (thanx to spamm)
  • D3:RoM - UH sounds
  • UH blazon - info


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